Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yup. Pp. Francis Screwed It Up

The current Pope has a bad case of logorrhea--too much talking.  So on occasion (more often than not) the current Pope says something the meaning of which is impossible to decipher; or, as on this occasion, flat-out gets it wrong.

Paul VI – the great one! – in a difficult situation in Africa, permitted sisters to use contraceptives for cases of violenze. [sic]

The whole story is here.  There are two different instances wherein "the Pope" or "Rome" (note that inconsistency) allegedly allowed nuns who legitimately feared rape to take contraceptives, thus avoiding pregnancy.  The first story was about the Congo; the second was about Bosnia.

Cutting to the chase:

...vice-director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Fr. Piero Pennacchini. His words:

“The Holy See never issued texts authorizing women religious to make use of contraceptives, even if they run the risk of being raped”. “I know of no official document by the Holy See on this”.

One final note:  a Jesuit priest started this whole thing with the Congo flimflammery; a Franciscan resurrected it regarding Bosnia.

We pray that Pp. Francis give up press conferences for Lent.  And for the Easter Season, the season of Pentecost, Ordinary time, Advent, and Christmastide.

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