Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Real Menace? Trump.

I mentioned a while back that Trump is very much like Obama, albeit with a seemingly different agenda.  (Then again, Trump might be lying.)

Here's Harsanyi, making the same case, relayed by MoonBattery.

...Just as some Republicans are already warming to the idea of his candidacy, the temptation in Congress to follow Trumpism — a philosophy based on the vagaries of one man — will be strong. Trump’s inclination is never to free Americans from the state (“we’re gonna take care of everybody!”) but rather to do a better job administering the state through great deals and assertive leadership. Or, everything the Founders didn’t want the presidency to be.

So while gridlock will still hold up most issues conservatives do care about, chances are high, considering his long history of supporting big government, that Trump would try and cobble together a populist coalition for polices they hate.  This will end up marginalizing ideological conservatism from within the party....

That last sentence will tell you why Trump continues to attack Cruz far more harshly than he does Rubio, Carson, or Hillary.  Conservatism is THE enemy--to all of them--so Cruz delenda est.

The solution--for Harsanyi--is this:  if Trump is the nominee, vote (R) DOWN-ticket, let HRC win.  She'll be in Federal prison before 2 years expire anyway, and she's just as hate-able as Obozo, so she won't get anything done.

I would add only this:  BUY.  MORE.  AMMO.

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