Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Levin Is Wrong on Apple

Mark Levin thinks Apple is wrong because Apple told a Fed judge to stick it where the sun never shines after that judge ordered Apple to provide the Feds E-Z access to ALL Apple phones. 

While the Feds are pretending that this is about only one terrorist s*&^ball, it is not.  What they are asking for is the key to the front door for every Apple phone made.

...the Bill of Rights does not empower the government to unlock the iPhones of all Americans, in order to go after one filthy terrorist. This is exactly contrary to every principle we have...

Mostly the Fourth Amendment's 'unreasonable search' prohibition.

Ten years ago, most of us would grudgingly concede that the Feds should get that info.

Now that we know all about the NSA, however, we won't go silently into that night, ever again.   And here in Wisconsin, we have the Chisholm/Schmitz Cabal as a landmark.  Remember, they still have FOUR YEARS' worth of every email and phone call made by the political opposition--which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and lots of other information on all the friends, relatives, and casual acquaintances of those political opponents.

Screw the Feds--and Chisholm/Schmitz, too.  Apple is right, Levin is living in the Reagan era which--he should know--is long dead.

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Anonymous said...

Scew the Donald too

.......Donald Trump on Friday called for a "boycott" against Apple until the company complied with the court order.......