Monday, February 22, 2016

Chisholm Needs Some Cheese

Have some extra brie?  John Chisholm has a lot of whine.

...The court in July declared the campaign finance investigation into 29 conservative groups and Walker’s campaign unconstitutional and ordered it shut down. In December, the court ruled that the position of the probe’s special prosecutor was invalid since its inception and that his only remaining duties were to inform the people he and his fellow prosecutors spied on and to return the property seized....

So the Attorney General went before the court:

...Schimel argues the defendants in the civil rights case filed by Cindy Archer, a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, seek to “directly contradict” the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s order requiring the “evidence unlawfully seized by John Doe investigators be kept under seal.”...

And Chisholm began to cry:

...the investigators claim that Schimel has publicly besmirched the reputations of such upstanding “lifelong civil servants,” and they “do not deserve to be the target of the Attorney General’s defamatory attacks.” “It is shameful that law enforcement officers have to fear that their own attorney general will trample on their reputations in the media just to score political points,”...

Quick!  Get to the fainting couch!!  The nasty man called NAMES!!

Sum & substance:

...The question is: Why should investigators found to have conducted an unconstitutional investigation be allowed to hold on to those records while the citizens they illegally targeted have to continue to wait for the return of what is rightfully theirs?

“One more note: the legal position taken by the John Doe prosecutors and investigators is that the lawful owners of the property in question should be required to use the civil court discovery process to be able to have access to their own property,” the attorney general said....

Note to Chisholm:  Wisconsin is not a police state and you aren't Checka.  Find a life.

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