Thursday, February 04, 2016

South Milwaukee's Next Problem... the church that the Archdiocese is selling to the Muslims.

...the Islamic Law of Sacred Space makes clear that when Muslims build mosques they are claiming ground for Islam.  Specifically, a radius of up to three (3) miles from the mosque belongs to Islam.  This explains why the Muslim Brotherhood, with funding from Saudi Arabia and others, are building huge mosques in the middle of nowhere in America.  They are claiming ground for Islam.  Now all they have to do is occupy that ground....

Shari'a law will have an impact on the taverns.  How distant is the Patrick Cudahy plant, anyway??

For another look at "how Musselmans played a part in American history," you will do well to remember the history of the Barbary pirates, with commentary from Ben Franklin.

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Saint Revolution said...

Just love the way The Milwaukee ArchDiocese has always tenaciously followed Canon Law and only sold owned real property to Roman Catholic institutions. /sarcasm

Weakland's fornication of The Milwaukee ArchDiocese lives on.