Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Donald: A Blowhard S*&^ Sandwich Who Lies

There has always been some speculation that The Donald is really a stalking-horse for Hildebeeste Clinton.

I disagree, only because two such egos could not possibly occupy the same room, no matter its size.

What The Donald really is, however, is a monumental liar.  He is a liar so monumental that he has taken the title from Bill Clinton, which places him above Olympic-class.

Kevin Williamson reviews the record

First off, Trump is a banko-artist:

...Trump insisted that he’d never gone bankrupt, and that claims to the contrary are a lie. That’s the Trump magic right there: Lying about your business history is one thing, lying that your critics are lying about it is another.

Then, he lies about 'self-funding' his campaign.

He also lies about his "charity for veterans."

He lies about being 'pro-life.'  He lies about being 'pro-gun.'  He lies about Cruz, Rubio, and Carson.

When all is said and done, The Donald will have ruined the reputations of countless real-estate developers.  But he will have boosted the standings of Congressmen and used-car salesmen in the liars' index.


William said...

Problem is, Dad, that none of it matters to his supporters. They are as fanatical and mindless as Obama supporters. It's downright scary.

Anonymous said...