Sunday, February 07, 2016

Rubio the Robot

Indirectly mentioned this in a long-ago (October?) post when I characterized Rubio as an 'earnest young fellow'.  That came up because I saw Rubio on a Fox News morning-show segment, where it was clear to me (a former forensics coach) that Rubio was jamming his talking points into every available second of time, (which is why he talks so damn fast).

Now comes Ace, who watched Christie nuke Rubio's canned chatter.

...Chris Christie has exposed him to be simply a robot repeating shallow, poll-tested mini-answers. That cuts at the idea that he's well-prepared -- instead, it now looks like he just has a good memory -- and that he's likable -- instead, he just looks like, well, a robot programmed to say "Good day!"....

Yup.  He's an earnest young man who cannot and will not think through his answer(s).

Contrast Cruz, who actually is 1) directly responsive; and 2) answers the question with a logic trail.

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Dan said...

Here's the thing... Politicians have been doing what Rubio has been doing for years. Hell, Hillary and Bernie do it.
But finally, someone has called them on it, which is good.
Most politicians, up until this election cycle just talk their talking points, no matter what the question or statement was.
So, maybe now, when a politician is asked a question, they will actually answer it instead doing a "Rubio".