Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bear Is Angry!

There's a bear in the Church, and since it's Lent, he's a bit hungry.  And he's angry, too.

...One man is entirely responsible for the papal logorrhea on airplanes. That is currently Pope Francis. Given the confusion he generates, and his helplessness to resist the lure of microphones, the Bear respectfully invites his Holiness' attention to the example of Ulysses and the sirens...

You know THAT story.  Anyhow...

...the Bear will virtually bite the face off of anyone who employs the argument that "it's non-magisterial, it doesn't matter." Yes, the Bear has used that argument himself, but he was wrong. (And he can hardly bite his own face off.)

When the Pope opens his yap, HE IS TEACHING. When Fr. Lombardi follows up with a confirmatory press release, the Church is TEACHING. It is completely foreseeable that people will RELY ON MORAL TEACHINGS THAT COME OUT OF THE POPE'S PIE HOLE. And when one of his commissions comes out with a "non-magisterial" press release to much applause, THE CHURCH IS TEACHING. Don't tell the Bear it's not "magisterial." You think the average Catholic, let alone some reporter, knows the difference between "magisterial" and a magistrate? So, whether it's "magisterial" or not, it does count. Big time

(There are a couple of Big Time National Blog-O-Yappers that Bear will be having for lunch.  One is pictured at the top of the linked post.  The other one uses the initial "Z" in his writings.)

The Bear makes a very good point:  Communications technology is a LOT better than it was in the 10th Century, or even the 20th Century.

By the way:  this puts our Bishops in a crack.  We're waiting for them to speak up.  Otherwise, I'll suggest that The Bear will have a very large repast forthcoming.

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Aged parent said...

"The Bear" is really getting to be a Bore. The third-person shtick he uses gets real old, real fast.