Thursday, February 11, 2016

Think College Deans Are ....Stupid?

For those of you who suspect that universities are run by rummies and twits, Norm Matloff (a Ph.D. U of California professor) will not give you much comfort.

Here he demonstrates that actual math is foreign to deans of Engineering(!!?) and that to those people, age discrimination AGAINST American citizens is not only OK--it is absolutely necessary.

...I was speaking to about 150 deans of engineering, certainly a remarkable audience....

...Unfortunately, some of the deans in the audience were somewhat less welcoming, and the Q&A session was rather tense. (I don’t know whether those who asked the questions were representative of the group as whole. In my account below, I am referring only to those who spoke up.)...I am sure, for example, that the people who essentially said (both during the session and privately to me afterward) that age discrimination in tech is justified would have been appalled by such statements had they heard them in their pre-dean days....

Yup.  So?

They openly defended the fact that employers are bypassing older Americans in hiring young new foreign grads. (Interestingly, no one challenged my statement.)...

Go to the link to read the question offered by a female dean for what is possibly the most ironic question of 2016, even though there are 10.5 months remaining.

So far, only Ted Cruz has campaigned on this matter.  No wonder he is a pariah in 'polite company.'

When you go to the link, pay particular attention to Norm's 

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