Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More on Apple v. FedGov

We've been Apple-backers since this thing started with the FBI asking for a key.  More from a tech-savvy guy can be found here.

...This isn’t a fight over keys to a single device. This is a fight over encryption, which the government doesn’t want any of us to have, ...

Of note is the fact that any device from the 4th generation forward (beginning with 5s) is impossible – IMPOSSIBLE – to decrypt without the actual key, because Apple has moved encryption duties to a separate System On A Chip (SoC) that runs its own OS, is married to the device by UUID, and totally inaccessible.

The phone the FBI is freaking out over is a 5c, not a 5s....

No matter what Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh say, Apple is right.  The Feds want a universal back-door key to all Apple phones.  If you value your privacy at all, (and I realize that many people do NOT), this is a fight worth fighting.

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