Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wisconsin PropTax Only #5 in USA

Another bit of wonderful news for the Spending Class!!

But it's certainly not wonderful enough.

...Jared Walczak, a policy analyst with the Center for State Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation, writes that the map “cuts through this clutter, presenting effective tax rates on owner-occupied housing.”

“This is the average amount of residential property tax actually paid, expressed as a percentage of home value,” Walczak wrote....

But we could try harder; New Jersey (2.38%) and Illinois (2.32%) lead this parade and we all know that New Jersey and Illinois are real loser States.  Wisconsin is only at 1.96%, but hell's bells, that's only a few more teachers, cop-shop Tahoes/Suburbans, Cadillac bennie plans and jiggered overtime rules away from COMPLETE VICTORY!!

Cal your laggard Mayor, School Superintendent, and Water/Sewer district. Tell them you will NOT stand for being fifth in this competition.  Don't settle:  go for about 3.0%!!

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