Friday, August 28, 2015

The Stench of G.A.B.

Ask anyone at Wisconsin's Gummint Accountability Board--composed of a bunch of retired judges and a large bunch of bureaucrats who work for them.  They'll all tell you how "non-partisan" and "fair" the Board and its employees are.

They're lying.

Not only was the executive director playing footsie with Lois Lerner, who is arguably the most corrupt and partisan IRS employee in recent history.  Now we have a former GAB staff attorney, Shane Falk, admitting, on the record, that the GAB was a willing and active participant in the John Doe harassment-and-intimidation scheme cooked up by John Chisholm--the purpose of which was to un-seat Scott Walker from the Governor's chair. 

One could say, I suppose, that the Board members were either too lazy or too incompetent to supervise the staff.  Fine.  They should admit that, and resign en masse.  But they won't, will they?  They're too lazy and incompetent to do that, too.

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