Saturday, August 29, 2015

Morning Laugher: GOP's Talking Points

The (R) Senate "leadership" has sent out its talking points for RoJo

It's a scream.

...“In this packet you will find a number of resources to help you draw attention to our 2015 accomplishments,” Thune wrote to all 54 GOP Senators. “Please use the August recess to hold events in your state highlighting the work you’ve done and the successes we’ve achieved in the Senate,” he wrote. “Spread the word about [the Senate] getting back to work.”

“Back to work” is apparently the new messaging campaign for the Republican Congress. ...

Apparently, in the 'minds' behind this, "back to work" means rolling over and taking it from Obozo.  (More accurately, forcing Americans to roll over and take it from Obozo.)

...there is not a single mention of migration in Thune’s packet...

Because illegals are no big deal, except that they are VERY cheap labor.

...The package advises Senators and staffers to arrange a press event at their a local Chamber of Commerce to tout the passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which cedes Congress’ authority to negotiate trade deals to President Obama allowing for the speedy passage of unpopular trade agreements that will subject American sovereignty to governance of a global commission similar to the European Union....

Because everyone knows that Obozo has the interests of America, and only America, at heart.

And, by the way, the news story doesn't bring up any mention of Planned Parenthood Butcherhood, or queer "marriage."

That's what they call "work."

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