Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Chop-Shop Hero: Obozo

Obozo will stamp his widdle feets and take away the toys.

...some states have decided to funnel their federal and state monies to medical clinics that do not do abortions.

Kansas is one such state.  Kansas has defunded Planned Parenthood in favor of healthcare businesses that do not do abortions.

Kansas legislators said the state could better provide health care for low-income patients by funding medical facilities that provide a wider range of medical services.  In 2011, they directed the state health department to give federal funds first to public health departments and hospitals. 

Planned Parenthood sued for the tax funding, but an appeals court ruled that states are free to decide how best to use healthcare dollars for their citizens.

However, the Obama administration strongly champions both abortion and Planned Parenthood, and so is now penalizing states that defund the abortion giant.

In fact, the Obama administration reduced its Medicaid funding to Kansas precisely by the amount which Planned Parenthood was getting....

Wisconsin will soon join the group of States which will delete the Chop Shop from "funded" through Medicaid and will undoubtedly earn Obozo's ire.


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