Saturday, August 01, 2015

Another Bunch of Cops Gone Wrong

You've all seen the story.  Voyeurs-with-drone are bothering a young lass who is sunbathing in her own (privacy-fenced) yard.

She asks her dad to take a look.  He does.  Voyeurs-with-drone keep the drone over the daughter.

Father takes out his 12-ga. and ends the drone's life.

Kentucky cops arrest the father.


The next time a drone shows up surveying the young lass, would a next-door neighbor do the right thing and blast the damn thing out of the air, again?  And if a third drone, then a third neighbor/shotgun,....etc.?

Maybe the cop-shop will get the hint.  If not (they can be dense, ya'know) the ELECTED county prosecutor certainly will get a hint.

We hope so.  Things could get even rougher, I suppose.

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