Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Ruling Class" Families: Dyer/Ivancic

Well, this is kinda interesting.

Seems that John Boehner (R-Spineless) employed a woman whose sister is CEO of The Chop-Shop's customer, StemExpress.

And Boehner's employee was not just an administrative assistant.  She was Boehner's chief legal counsel.

By a remarkable co-incidence, said legal counsel resigned on August 5th, when it became known that StemExpress was paying The Chop-Shop for baby parts.

The inquisitive observer might ask whether the law's 'expenses may be reimbursed' clause had anything to do with the founding and monetary success of StemExpress.  If one were to establish such a business, one would ask a well-informed lawyer about the legal technicalities, of course. I mean, who would EVER think of ......

On the other hand, we all know that every family has a black sheep. This family's black sheep just happens to traffic in baby-parts.

So it's handy to have a Ruling Class family member/lawyer/mover-and-shaker.

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