Sunday, August 09, 2015

Trump, RedState, Oh, My!!

Seems that Trump got dis-invited from the RedState forum.

Ace wrote a column on it here, but I'll make a point that Ace only hinted at.

...I think speech should be met with speech. Trump's speech was -- assuming he meant what he may or may not have meant -- boorish and crude. It also, sure, was a "gendered" attack on woman....

A couple of "in general" observations first.  One:  I do not support Trump's candidacy.  Two:  I do not condone boorish remarks.  Three:  I think Ms. Kelly was doing her best to force an error on Trump's part and she succeeded.

That being said, "...speech being met with speech..." is the key.  More to the point, RedState should have let Trump appear because every time he opens his pie-hole, he digs his grave a little deeper.   One need not meet Trump with 'more speech;' in fact, Trump is his own worst enemy when he's in front of a mike.

Levin observed that Kelly had dug very deep indeed, and then de-contextualized, Trump's 'on your knees' remark, and Limbaugh tells us that Priebus & Co. want Trump schmeisssed, pronto.  Erickson, of all people, should be .......ahhh.......sensitive to Establishment chicanery, ain'a?

But hey.  It's Erickson's party, and he can run it any way he wants.  I think he missed an opportunity, that's all.

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