Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fancy, Gutless Footwork on Butcher-House Funding

The latest GOP offer on Planned Parenthood is to "freeze" spending on them.

It's the usual half-a-loaf (or less) for Conservatives, but even more disturbing is Cong. Black's "reasoning" on this move:

“I’m not in the shut down government camp. That is not the way to get to the bottom of this issue, by shutting down the government,” the three-term lawmaker said. “It puts the president in charge instead of the legislature.”  --quoted at HotAir

Actually, Ms. Black, it puts Obozo and all the Planned Chop-Shop supporters--like you, most Democrats, and a lot of other Republicans, on the hot seat.  Let him veto it and go for the over-ride.  Let's put the cards on the table instead of hiding them under your skirt, eh?

You're not outraged by what The Butcher Shop is doing.

That tells us something, Ms. Black.

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