Saturday, August 29, 2015

Old-Fart Baseball Geek Goes All Nutso Over Trump

George Will, who spends his time idling at the baseball park (in D.C., of course) goes into primal scream over Trump.

...After Donald Trump finishes plastering a snarling face on conservatism, any Republican nominee will face a dauntingly steep climb to reach even the paltry numbers that doomed Mitt Romney....

...If the Republicans’ 2016 nominee does not do better than Romney did among nonwhite voters, he will need 65 percent of the white vote, which was last achieved by Ronald Reagan when carrying 49 states in 1984. Romney did even slightly worse among Asian Americans — the fastest-growing minority — than among Hispanics. Evidently, minorities generally detected Republican ambivalence, even animus, about them. This was before Trump began receiving rapturous receptions because he obliterates inhibitions about venting hostility....

Umnnhhhh, George:  keep up with the news.  Specifically, the news that Noonan brokeMr. Trump’s support is not limited to Republicans, not by any means.

Will decides that belittling Trump supporters is the best course of action.

 ...Trumpkins simultaneously despise GOP congressional leaders because they do not somehow jettison the separation of powers and work conservatism’s unimpeded will from Capitol Hill....

Actually, George, a large and growing number of Americans have finally realized that the (R) party "leadership" has no intention whatsoever of stopping Obozo-ism's anti-American and totally immoral agenda.  But then, George, that would require you to understand the term "has balls" in a VERY different sense than 'baseballs.'

And at your age, re-training is damned difficult.

Let's review the Establishment record, George.  For this, you'll have to get your face out of  Reince's....ahhh...posterior.

...just two weeks after the November elections, Obama announced the nullification of all immigration laws and the suspension of enforcement of our borders and sovereignty.  The GOP treated it like another day in the political playground and failed to see that this was a revolutionary act in the eyes of Middle America.  And as 2015 came upon us, it was one issue after another and one broken promise after another.  Between the fallout from amnesty and the release of criminal aliens, ObamaTrade, the Planned Parenthood videos, the fomenting of insurrection and dismantling of law enforcement, allying with Iran, the courts remaking the Constitution and redefining marriage while preserving Obamacare – there was a bursting sense of disquiet among the people.  It became painfully clear that the GOP had no plans to lift a finger to stop Obama and his allies on a single important issue, and that he had a free lane to remake the country in his final months. ...

Like a boatload of other Americans--Democrat, Hispanic (legal), and Conservative, I view that short list as damning evidence that the Party of D.C.--the Cartel, The Establishment, whatever--is a monumental failure.  Kinda like the Chicago Cubs, to put it in language you might understand.

And like Horowitz, I am not a Trump fan.

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Saint Revolution said...

When criminal sociopaths (READ: uber liberocrats) are cornered, they will ALWAYS say and do ANYTHING to try and stop their demise.

The end is in sight for 8 of the most politically criminal years this country has ever seen. NOBODY wants Biden/Warren strawmen for an Obama 3rd term.

Obama is an illegal alien with more than 2 names, more than 9 social security numbers, no record of legal birth, an completely illegally un-vetted sealed past, two stolen Presidential elections, and hordes and hosts of criminalities and illegalities since he Alinsky-ized the Presidential seat.

George Will is an stinky old man with desperation and fear in his eyes because he KNOWS the day of reckoning is not long now for Obama, et. al. One can only wish for the extra mile by the new President to actually prosecute, jail, and execute for high treason the likes of Obama, Holden, Lerner, Clinton(s), Emmanuel, Hank Paulsen, et. al. It is not only right to move forward into the future but IT IS EQUALLY RIGHT TO SEEK JUSTICE FOR THE PAST.


Georgy is scared, stupid, sanctimonious, and Nazi SS squared.

See ya in '16, Georgy Booooy.....

"...just don't say I'm...damned for all time..." --Judas, Jesus Christ SuperStar