Friday, August 07, 2015

Hey, You SSPX'ers: Pay Attention!

Just had a conversation with a young fellow who is an intermittent SSPX attendee.  A strange conversation, to say the least.

Next, I find this.

Let me draw your attention to this particular passage:

...there are two other, serious, sacramental problems that must be understood by everyone who may wish to attend SSPX chapels. If you take nothing else away from this letter, at least hear this -- the SSPX’s marriages and absolutions are invalid because their priests lack the necessary faculties.

The SSPX argues for the validity of their marriages and absolutions based on the canonical principle that the Church supplies the faculty in cases of doubt or common error. In certain rare and exceptional cases that might apply to their situation, especially with regard to confession, but for the most part their arguments are not persuasive.

Part of their argument hinges on the faithful erroneously believing that the SSPX priests have the requisite faculty; well, if you were in error about that up until now, you are not in error anymore.
The SSPX also makes the argument that they have permission because the Church is in a state of “emergency.” However, 1) the Legislator (the Pope) and the bishops with him don’t think there is a state of emergency, and 2) the sacraments offered by the SSPX are already widely available at legitimate parishes and chapels, i.e., no one is being denied the sacraments....

Bp. Morlino is, by any reckoning, a 'conservative', or more accurately, an orthodox Catholic.  He, like Bp. Bruskewitz, does not put up with foolishness from any camp.

There is a particular reason that the Bishop has published this column; I'm aware of the situation.  But there is a general point to be made here, and the Bishop makes it well.

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