Wednesday, September 03, 2014

What JPII Said, Again

St. John Paul II warned the US against the Iraq war. 

There was a reason for that:  he knew that--as despicable as Hussein was--that Hussein's fall would leave Iraq to an even less desirable fate.

He was right.

Now comes James Antle to outline Chapter Three in that story--the one that's playing out in the US today.

And Hell will freeze over before Wolfson, McCain, or any of that crowd, will say "We was wrong."

And yes, I gave GWB the benefit of the doubt back then.  But (go ahead and look for it in this blog) I gave him only a 51% 'right' v. 49% 'wrong' margin, largely because he was privy to intel.

As it turns out, "intel" was largely bullshit of the NeoCon variety. 

And I apologize.

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J. Strupp said...

Eh, you don't have to apologize dadster. You at least understood and acknowledged the pitfalls of occupation. The neocons are the people who should be swinging for this mess. Of course, there aren't any "neocons" to be found these days.