Friday, September 12, 2014

Did Cruz Provoke the Boos?

Apparently Ted Cruz wants him some Press and pushed the envelope--hard--to get it.

Douthat is suggesting that the crowd wasn’t booing Israel, instead, they were booing Cruz for playing politics — for having the audacity to lecture them about their own business.


Cruz' assertion--that Catholics in the Middle East have 'no greater friend' than Israel--may or may not be correct.  But the conference was not about Israel at all.

So now the conference is all about Cruz.  Well, he got what he wanted.

The question is:  is that what Americans want?


Grim said...

Another question: Should we align interests between the Church and Israel? If not, why not? We've got a lot of enemies.

Dad29 said...

The conflict between Catholics and Jews is a distinctly localized matter, played out largely in Israel. Such as they are, the conflicts are--as usual--between marginal members of either group.

The Church is not a nation; her interests are transcendent.