Friday, September 19, 2014

The Putin-Haters and The Family

An international pro-family congress was held in Moscow last week.

Nothing of this size and import can happen without the knowledge and consent of Putin, of course.

Here's a brief of the "General Concept" paper from that forum:

The Russian forum in its “General Concept” preface succinctly identified the harms caused by the “sensate culture” (a term from Pitirim Sorokin, a famous Russian sociologist who knew well the deleterious effects of a man-centered, atheistic worldview), a modern-day post-Christian dimension in world history: “the destruction of moral standards such as Goodness, Truth, and Beauty and destruction of faith in a Created natural order that distinguishes good from evil.” Such attitudes -- “this modern-day ambiguity, relativity, and indeterminacy regarding family” -- “creates the threat to the civilized existence of societies.” The Russians declare that “it is high time to talk not only about the role of the family institution in the retention of humanity as a biological species but also about the vital role of [the] natural family in the preservation of civilized society and “ordered liberty.”  This transformation is “crucially important especially given the millennial battle between civil society and barbarism, where the latter appears in a highly technological and disguised progressive form contributing to the increasing moral chaos.


Is it just co-incidence that Putin's government has been the object of revulsion by Western "intellects" recently?


John Mitchell said...

"Is it just co-incidence that Putin's government has been the object of revulsion by Western "intellects" recently?"

You, too, should be repulsed.

Putin's policy to preserve and promote the family as an institution is ROOTED IN SOCIALISM--“Free stuff” in the form of housing and education, direct cash payments to women who pop out more kids (and even adjusting their work schedules to meet maternal demands!), and alcohol-drug programs to dry out the Russian man-childs running amok.

It is worth pointing out that a society in which individuals are encouraged to have children by governmental intrusion is NOT a free society, unless you are a closet liberal who advocates these forms of welfare and social engineering.

Dad29 said...

I love it when you post like the idiot you are, John.

Dad29 said...

Yes, John. Babies are EEEEEEVIL!!

Whatever, John.

John Mitchell said...

No, Dad29, you are the one repeatedly spouting off how EEEEEEVIL is socialism, and when given the opportunity to denounce a policy wreaking of its stench, you conveniently turn the other cheek.
Because white babies.

You're a hypocrite.

Dad29 said...


Your anger over promoting the growth of the family shows through your smokescreen about "socialism."

You probably have difficulties finding a woman. Or maybe you like boys?

Deep-seated, maybe father-hatred. Or toilet training.

Dad29 said...

You finally put yourself into "spam" again.

How's your mom's basement?