Thursday, September 04, 2014

ISIS, What to Do

What to do about ISIS?

Arm the daylights out of the ISIS foes in the Middle East and support them with air power and intel.

There are plenty of ISIS foes. 

Then strip US passports from everyone who left here to join ISIS, and refuse entry to anyone with a European passport who did the same.  That's not all:  if we know they've been there, pack their US belongings into a dumpster and toss it into a landfill.  Or a bonfire, whichever is easiest.

Remember this:  GWB and the War Party destabilized Iraq; Obozo deposed an elected gummint there, too.  It appears from the evidence that the US is simply incapable of making a good choice (other than helping Israel) in the Middle East.

So stick to what we CAN do well, rinse, and repeat.

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Anonymous said...

Obama already tried to covertly arm the daylights out of the supposedly "moderate" Free Syrian Army to facilitate the overthrow of Assad (with Libyan arms by way of Benghazi and Turkey)... only to have the FSA fail to depose Assad and ultimately throw in with ISIS. There are no honest players in that part of the world, so the old my-enemy's-enemy-is-my-friend strategy only serves to better equip a wider variety of enemy. That part of the world is simply FUBAR and there is no solution that will be politically palatable to the Western "civilized" world until another 9/11-style attack, or worse, happens somewhere in the West. Even then too many of our hawks are invertebrates who have exceptionally short attention spans, can't stand the sight of blood and have an amazing capacity for rationalizing their failures. I'm not optimistic.