Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ObozoCare: Worse, Worser, and Worstest

Remember Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Senator who was going to "repeal Obamacare"?  Yah, I heard of the guy.  Last time he talked about this, he was going to "fix" it.  He won't, by the way; McConnell won't let him.

The fifth column's agitprop notwithstanding, ObozoCare continues to piss off everyone--except the hospitals (who profited), the insurance companies (who profited), and the thousands of new bureaucrat-drones who have a fire-proof job with REAL 'healthcare' benefits.  And it's going to get a lot worse, folks.

Rate increases are modest, sez the MSM.  Good, no?


The insurers don't have enough actuarial experience to come up with real numbers--and besides, Obozo gave 'em all the money they wanted through the tricks and gimmicks in the law.

Want real solid numbers (and a horrific increase in rates)?  Wait until 2017.  By sheer co-incidence, Obozo will be out of office and most of the (D) slime who voted for it will have lost their election or will retire--or are in completely 'safe' districts.

Another thing:

How many people are enrolled in Obamacare? Without a government to insurance company accounting system yet built, no one knows


Then there's the "baseline premium decrease" story.  Yes, it's true--but it's not ALL of the true.

...The new 2015 Silver baseline plan may have a lower premium than the 2014 Silver baseline plan. But that is almost always because the insurance company that held that slot in 2014, and almost always got the largest share of business, significantly increased their rates for 2015.

Then another insurance company, who didn't write much business and likely now eager to increase market share, decreased their rates and has become the 2015 baseline plan. The second company was able to decrease their rates without much fear because the Obamacare "3Rs" reinsurance scheme virtually protects them from any material losses

That's a glacial-speed version of the "hide the pea" game played--illegally--in New York City.

Oh, yah!  Remember the BSOD-enriched "enrollment" process?  It's baaaa---aaack!!

 ...however many million people (pick any number other than 8 million) are still enrolled, everyone really needs to visit their state exchange or in the month between November 15 and December 15 in order to have their January 2015 enrollment validated, to be sure their income information is up-to-date, and to be sure they are enrolled in the optimal plan for the best subsidy.

Five to ten million people all trying to get through exchange websites between November 15 and December 15? Add however many people are going to sign-up for the first time this November to all of those existing participants re-enrolling for January 1, who will all be hitting the still fragile and state exchanges during that four week period, and it is not hard to see how Obamacare could be back in the news..

Last thing I'll mention is this:  the deductibles go up in lockstep with cost-trend and rates.

Should be a helluva great year for consumer 'free cash' next year, eh?

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