Saturday, September 06, 2014

Saddam, The Mob, and Joan Rivers

Found near the end of a Noonan obit on Joan Rivers:

...Twenty years ago, when everyone was talking about how wonderful it was that Vegas had been cleaned up and the mob had been thrown out, Joan said no, no, no, they are ruining the mystique. First of all, she said, those mobsters knew how to care for a lady, those guys with bent noses were respectful and gentlemen, except when they were killing you. Second, she said, organized crime is better than disorganized crime, which will replace it....

Joan Rivers should have been GWB's foreign affairs adviser instead of the NeoCon horde of prissy-twits (see, e.g., Wm. Kristol.)  Unlike Kristol, Joan understood the human condition.  Now we see in Iraq what Rivers understood about Vegas. 

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