Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Pink Unicorn Reform

The alternate-universe crowd writes plans for Great Lakes "renewal."

The Obama administration unveiled an updated five-year plan for restoring the Great Lakes on Wednesday that outlines accelerated efforts to address toxic pollution, invasive species and farm runoff and restore plant and wildlife habitat....

OK.  As you expect, there are not many details provided in the story, because EPA's intent is to shut down farming, mining, and industry.  Providing the details would show that.  Not a good idea.

But the story does provide one illuminating detail:

....Beginning in 2017, projects must consider the impact of climate change. For example, wetland plants and trees would be selected for suitability to warmer temperatures and watershed restorations would be designed to handle more frequent and intense storms....

Why, sure!!  Coconut palms outside of Lambeau would be really nice, no?  They'll go VERY nicely with the decor of the swamps created at the edges of the parking lots for hurricane-waters remediation.

All we'll need is rainbows.

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