Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What "Foreign Policy" Is "Right," Paul?

Rep. Ryan was on national TV.

...Then, unprompted by Todd, Ryan began to praise Obama's recent foreign policy decisions. "I can say a lot of ugly things about his past foreign policy but I think he's now getting it better and a little more right," Ryan said....

Umnnhhhh.....OK, I'll bite:  what, exactly, is "better" and "more right", Paul?

By the way, Mr. Ryan, your call for 'dialog' with the socialist totalitarians on the domestic front is all very nice.  But as a Catholic, you should have read your Chesterton.

I'll help:

...war itself is not one thing at all, but is necessarily the collision of two things. And one half of the war is right simply because the other half of the war is wrong....

The Left--which has become Extremist in toto--has been at war with the Constitution (and Catholicism) for well over 75 years.  That 'other half' is wrong, Paul.  Is patty-cake your proposal?

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