Sunday, September 07, 2014

EPA: Where's the (R) House?

It's a given that IRS management is filled with crooks and liars, and that an actually-conservative House of Representatives would act to change civil service law to eradicate the cancer, since IRS is the most potent weapon of the Gummint aside from the military.

But the second-most potent Gummint weapon of war, domestically, is EPA.  It, too, is filled with crooks and liars, and that screams for similar reforms:  change civil-service laws and fire a bunch of its employees.

Aside from some show-trials, none of them effective, the "conservative" House has done diddly-squat on either of these enemies of the people.

...For example, the 2012 Utility MACT rule was peddled as essential to reduce mercury emissions (at a cost of $10.5 billion annually). But as documented by the Chamber study, the vast majority of benefits claimed by the EPA—nearly $62 billion—actually were derived from reductions of particulate matter. The reduction of mercury, meanwhile, is credited by the agency with a comparatively measly $400 million in benefits.

Similarly, the EPA’s emissions standard for sulfur dioxide is credited by the EPA as producing $2 million in benefits from the sulfur dioxide reductions but $29 billion in benefits from reductions of particulate matter...

This is called "bait and switch," which is also known as fraud.

But "fraud" is not a prosecutable offense when committed by Gummint, even with a "conservative" House.

We'll hear the girlymen yammer about '1/2 of 1/3rd.'  We are not impressed.

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