Friday, September 19, 2014

"Craft Brewers" Love Them Lotsa EPA

What's in the brews of these turkeys?

A battle is brewing in the beer industry over a new regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that spells out the agency’s authority to regulate bodies of water. 

Dozens of small craft brewers such as Sierra Nevada and New Belgium are rallying behind the EPA’s proposed Waters of the U.S. rule, arguing it will help ensure that they have clean water for their products.

Blah, blah, blah.

EPA's proposal will, in effect, grant EPA total authority over all ponds, streams, and creeks in the USA, including those "ponds" which show up only after hard rain and disappear in a couple of days.  EPA will be "regulating" those puddles which will be 'waterways'.

(No surprise:  the National Resources Development Council (NRDC) is behind all this.  Like Sierra Club, this bunch is a watermelon:  green on the outside, red on the inside.)

...under the EPA’s proposed waters rule, Lentz is concerned the agency could stop him from farming as much has 80 percent of his lands, because at some times of the year they are covered in water.

"Some times" is the key phrase.  EPA will 'benevolently' rule over farmlands FULL-time for a sometimes thing because "craft brewers" don't want to pay for sanitizing the water they use.

Does quaffing craft ale make you into a totalitarian-lover?

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