Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wisconsin Employers Obtain Freedom of Religion

Despite the Senate Republicans, Wisconsin will abide by Hobby Lobby.

The state of Wisconsin will no longer be enforcing a state law requiring employers to provide contraception coverage in insurance plans offered to employees. A spokesman with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance told Media Trackers on Monday that because of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. in June, state regulators are no longer requiring employers or insurance providers to abide by the state requirement.

...In 2013, AB 216 and SB 202 attempted to add a religious exemption to the statute. Assembly Republicans passed their version of the reform but the bill subsequently died in the GOP-controlled Senate....

Seems like many Senate Republicans need a remedial primary or two.


Anonymous said...

Will the Wahabi Lobby ruling affect Viagra coverage? Aging males have a constitutional and religious right to procreate, too.

Dad29 said...

Ahhh, trolls.

Show us the passage in the Constitution which ensures the right to procreate.

Be specific.

Grim said...

What's a right to procreate got to do with birth control anyway?

John Mitchell said...

In the Preamble, it specifically mentions posterity.

John Mitchell 1
Daddio. 0

Dad29 said...

Sorry, zero. Zero.

Mention of posterity does not establish a right to procreation.

In fact, I think that people such as you should be BANNED from procreation--but I don't have the right to establish that ban.


Dad29 said...

...but I'll clarify for you.

While "substantive" due process protects procreation, such protection does not extend to requiring tax support of drug enhancements, just as it does not force coverage of counter-procreation drugs.