Saturday, July 05, 2014

More Republican "Ethics"

Oh, sure, it was bipartisam--with a Republican majority.

A member of Congress used to have to specifically report the details if they traveled on someone else’s dime. As of last week, that rule was lifted with no public announcement.

The R Senatorial "ethics"?  Buying several thousand votes to defeat a Conservative.

The R House "ethics"?  Playing 'find the hat'.

Screw 'em all.

HT:  Zippers

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the "ethics" committee is fully-bipartisan at 5-5. All the "R" majority in the House gives it is the chair, dutifully filled by a member of the Party-In-Government.

The last report I saw was that the chair/ranking member unilaterally walked back that change.