Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Do You Really Think They're Just "Misguided"?

At one point in time, a lot of us thought that the Lefties were, on the whole, nice people who were a bit wacky on a few points.  Maybe it's time to re-assess.

Here’s the real deal in full and without any sugarcoating: they’re fucking fascists. The system they’re trying to create is–ta da!–purely, simply, and wholly fascist. The only thing missing is the rampant nationalism, and that’s only a feature of one particular strain of the loathsome beast anyway.

Under fascism, business and industry are nominally privately held but are severely–very nearly completely–ruled by an all-powerful State. Corporations must conduct their activities exactly in accordance with the regulations issued by the State, with absolutely no right to deviate from its edicts and micromanagement. The economy itself is under strict central control; individual dissent is likewise suppressed.

The fascist nation is usually ruled by a charismatic leader with absolute dictatorial power. A pretense to democracy is sometimes half-heartedly maintained, but its elections are a sham, resulting in no meaningful change to the ruling apparat. Its domestic police forces are militarized and exercise their authority with only cursory restraint; their relationship to the citizenry they supposedly serve is adversarial, when it’s not outright hostile. Any of this beginning to sound familiar at all?

The New Amerika the Left is so mulishly a-building for us (America “fundamentally transformed,” as I believe somebody or other said a couple or three times) is a fascist tyranny. It is only a gossamer-thin tissue of deception away from open communism; it is antithetical, inimical, and irreconcilable to and with the government envisioned and set up by our Founders.

And you can just stop right there, because that’s the whole damned story; no further explication, excuses, or rationalization are necessary. The American Left is fascist in tooth and claw, to pervert a good old phrase a bit. That’s really all there is to it.

Oh, and lest we forget: deceitful, hysterical propaganda deployed in the early stages of the establishment of the fascist state to gin up frenzied hatred helpful to the cause is an essential part of the process.

I recall Charlie Sykes having amiable conversations on-air with John Chisholm, who is now--clearly--a militant authoritarian/repressive jackwad.  No, he's not "nice."  He's a......f*&^%ng fascist, right down to the 'deceitful, hysterical, propaganda.'

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