Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Archdiocese of Milwaukee to Re-settle Illegals?

The border crisis moves north.

As undocumented children continue arriving at the US-Mexico border, FEMA has asked a Milwaukee agency to stand by – in case it’s needed.

... The local agency preparing to help is Catholic Charities of Milwaukee. Executive Director Fr. David Bergner says FEMA asked the organization to identify three potential sites, which could be used as a temporary shelter. Each would need to house 100 children. FEMA also requested staff, who could work at the shelter.

Bergner says Catholic Charities picked two former schools and a former office complex, which could be transformed into shelter space. He says the organization would coordinate food, clothing and education for the children, with a lot of assistance...

How very nice!

This raises a question.  Of course the imperative is 'charity to all.'  On the other hand, cooperating with the evil of breaking up families is not a "good," especially because in this case it also happens to be direct material cooperation with breaking the laws of the US.

It's also likely that this action is taken against the will of donors to Catholic Charities, or at least a large minority of them.


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