Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Warren Buffett v. Electricity

It appears that Warren Buffett's BNSF railroad cannot meet its contractural obligations to deliver coal to at least one Wisconsin utility.  This means the utility may have to shut down its plant and purchase electricity on the open market.

That, of course, will cost its customers a lot of money.

What the hell is Warren's problem?  A little too much Obozo-worship?

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Anonymous said...

That aww-shucks Oracle of Omaha doesn't give two shits about your future energy bills. Warren be too busy hauling tanker cars full of petroleum south out of the oilfields and freight cars full of building supplies (and empty tankers) on the return runs. That's why he opposes pipelines, doncha know. Cheaper to breach the coal hauling contracts. No time for that cheap coal stuff.