Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fr. Berger, What Is "Direct Material Cooperation"?

Let's see, here.  We're told that Catholic Charities of SE Wisconsin (that's the Milwaukee Archdiocese) may well "assist" the Feds in sheltering several hundred illegal aliens.  We also know that 5 of every 6 such illegals are NOT "children;" they are adults.  We also know that in the cases of the 16% who are actually 'children,' they are not "refugees"--and in most cases are being separated from their parents.  Thus, the Archdiocese is facilitating illegal violation of immigration laws AND facilitating the breakup of families.

Here's the description of "cooperation in evil":

The Church has always condemned formal cooperation in evil where a person gives consent to evil being done by another. When someone does not agree, however, they can still be guilty of material cooperation in evil when they provide the means by which the evil is performed. Direct or proximate material cooperation in evil occurs when a person provides necessary tools to perform the evil act, e.g., when someone sells illegal drugs they are a material cooperator in evil since they are providing the necessary means to commit evil, either illegal drug use or illegal drug distribution. ...

...Remote material cooperators are those who provide indirect means to carry out the evil. The merchant of a sporting goods store sells ammunition to a hunter. Legal and moral. If that hunter commits an immoral act by using the bullets he just bought to kill an innocent person, the merchant is not guilty of direct material cooperation in evil. He MAY be guilty of remote material cooperation in evil if he neglected to report to the police suspicions or apprehensions he may have had when he sold the ammunition....

One more thing:  how does this compare to parents objecting to Common Core?  Since THOSE people are castigated and dissed by the Archbishop, his right-hand man, and the Educrat-in-Charge, how should Catholics react to Fr. Berger's (and the Archbishop's) apparent ..........ahhh.......problem in moral actions here?


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Fr. Berger is VERY different than Fr. Bergner.