Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Teh Stupids: Fox 6 News

Seems as though Fox6's Lowe doesn't read the news.

...A lengthy feature broadcast June 29 on WITI-TV (FOX, Channel 6) provides evidence to support those who believe Walker has taken a hit. By the time reporter Mike Lowe’s piece aired, John Doe prosecutors had stated prominently that Walker was not a target. Separately, some reporters had walked back a bit from their initial stories by acknowledging that two judges had ruled against the prosecution and had halted the investigation.

Yet here is how WITI framed Lowe’s piece, packaged under a foreboding headline about "dark money."
"A secret John Doe investigation is exploring the link between Governor Scott Walker’s recall campaign and outside political groups to see if there was any illegal coordination...FOX6′s Mike Lowe has followed the money trail — to find out how politically influential organizations hide their donors using 'dark money.’

And blah, blah.  I watched the "report" and noticed that it was all McCabe, all the time.  To be fair, McCabe and Lowe did mention that "dark money" funds the Left, too--although the face of "dark money" was Wisconsin Family Action's exec director.  Yah, well.

But this is not a shock.  A few years ago, the "meteorologist" at Fox6, Condella, narrated a several-minute video essay about The End Of The World As We Know It due to.........ta-da!!...... "global warming."  Among other things, Condella informed us that Wisconsin would turn into a vast savanna where rivers and lakes would virtually disappear.  Deer would disappear too, and corn-growing would move to Canada or Alaska or maybe Mars.

Teh Stupids.  Nothing new..

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