Tuesday, July 29, 2014

V.A.: It's Always "More Money!!"

Yah, so the VA will get another $17 billion or so, $7Bn of which will go toward hiring doctors.

Here's a question:  what was VA spending money on before this?

Einstein's insanity proposition is in play here, folks. 

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Anonymous said...

This has always been the response when the VA's inadequacies go public. The pols know that nobody really gives a shit unless you're a damaged vet or family of a damaged vet. The general public's impression is that what ails the VA is lack of funding, so when the MSM dutifully reports the funding increases the VA's issues fade from the headlines. Warm fuzzies ensue.

The VA's admin will absorb 2/3 of the increased spending in ways totally unrelated to direct veteran medical care and in another few years it will be time for another "fix" for the VA.

Same old story, new herd of sheep.