Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, This Is the 365th Day...

Janet Incompetano of DHS infamously remarked that 'DHS is working 24x7 364 days/year' to protect US citizens.

Perhaps she's interested in Joe Biden's position.

Anyhoo, it seems that the Director/National Intel, took her seriously, and took off a day lately:

The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC News yesterday and was completely unaware that Great Britain had just arrested 12 Islamists in a major terror bust.

Who needs to know that sorta stuff, anyway? Isn't Great Britain a foreign country?

HT: Gateway


Anonymous said...

The terrorists were planning to blow up things in the UK, not the U.S.

That little fact escaped you in yet another blatant attempt to lay unwarranted blame at our current administration.


Dad29 said...

Do you whine like that ALL the time, or just around this blog?

Go sniffle your snot someplace else.

Anonymous said...

Not very Christian like behavior, eh? And it's so close to Christmas, too.