Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

There have been scattered reports on the Census and re-districting. Here's another.

The population continues to shift from Democratic-leaning Rust Belt states to Republican-leaning Sun Belt states...

Texas will go to 36 Members in the House. Ohio and NY will each lose at least 2 seats.


The combination of population shifts and the recent election results could make Obama’s re-election campaign more difficult. Each House seat represents an electoral vote in the presidential election process, giving more weight to states Obama probably will lose in 2012. The states he carried in 2008 are projected to lose, on balance, six electoral votes to states that his GOP challenger, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, won. That sets a higher bar for Obama before his re-election campaign even starts.

Now you know why Democrat Party heavyweights and Soros-affiliated interest groups have been pushing for elimination of the Electoral College.

The 2012 is Obama's to lose. As of right now, it's easy to see him losing it, too.

But 2 years is more than an eternity.

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neomom said...

There are risks with all of those liberals moving to red states... they start turning them purple. For some reason, even though they are fleeing high taxes and lack of jobs, they bring those same attitudes to their new states.

Look at North Carolina as exhibit A - they even fell for hopey-changey last time.