Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Press for Marquette U. Not Good Press, Either

Buried in the middle of the "Catholic" Healthcare West/St Joseph's Hospital of Arizona story, we find this:

The bishop, in a letter dated Nov. 22, said he disagreed with an extensive analysis by Marquette University theologian M. Therese Lysaught that argued that the intention of doctors involved in the case, and the mother, was primarily to save the mother’s life – not to end the life of the fetus.

Oh, well.

Here's the lede, in case you haven't yet heard:

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has removed St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center’s status as a Catholic hospital for failing to strictly adhere to Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s demands that the hospital comply with church moral teaching.

Can't be 'Catholic' and perform abortions the way St Joe's did.

Here's the statement from the Diocese.

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GOR said...

When I saw the reference to Marquette I was expecting the dissent to be from...Dan Maguire. But apparently dissent at Marquette grows apace...

Cardinal Burke recently inveighed against 'Catholic In Name Only' universities. Years ago in London I recall a sign on a notice board outside an Anglican church. It showed a picture of a soup can with the admonition: "Don't wear the label, if you don't have the goods inside"

Some 'Catholic' universities should not be 'wearing the label'...!