Friday, December 15, 2006

Wild, Wacky: Wiggy's Waukesha

One of our "must read" bloggers moved to Waukesha to avoid, unhhh...problems. So today he awakens to find the following:

In a case authorities say demonstrates the growing ties between urban and suburban drug traffickers, a federal grand jury indicted 33 people Thursday on charges linking large-scale cocaine suppliers in Milwaukee to a tightly controlled network of dealers in Waukesha.

One listed residence was on Arcadian Avenue.

So much for avoiding criminal gangs....

But it gets more interesting when you check out the Waukesha School Board!

School Board member Frank Finman has recommended the district increase the minimum grade-point average it requires of student athletes. Currently, students need to have at least a 1.5 grade-point average for the quarter to remain eligible.

Controversial, yes. But get THIS:

The requirement would apply only to athletics and not other extracurricular activities. Finman said he removed students involved in other activities from his original proposal because he was concerned about the effect on academic decathlon teams.

So the "academic" decathlon team includes young whizzes with GPA's of <1.5?

It's not over, folks:

The idea was criticized by other board members. "That makes no sense at all," board member Patricia Madden said.

"Besides, I think there are athletes that stay in school only because of athletics because they are good at it, and it does motivate them," Madden said

So the football team is now the reason to go to high school, eh, Patty?

It gets better.

The district's 2006-'07 budget also contained a $645,000 error that the district anticipates it will be able to solve without affecting programming during the current school year.

$650K. That's a pretty big number, no? So which financial guru GETS A PROMOTION???

The board tapped comptroller Erik Kass to become the district's next executive director of business services

Makes sense to me.

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James Wigderson said...

They were such nice crack dealers for neighbors...