Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ford Motor: Our Designs Are Asinine!!

When (not if) the heater core on your FoMoCo product finally pops a hole, fogging the windows and making you think your head is inside a bottle of glycol, get ready for the really bad news:

It will take approximately eight full hours of (billable) labor to replace the heater core. That's because FoMoCo engineers, geniuses that they are, have designed the HVAC system so that it's all one piece, and to get to it, you must remove damn near everything within 2 feet of the firewall.

30 years ago, it was about 1 hour's work because we all KNOW that heater cores blow--so they were designed to be easily replaceable.


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Billiam said...

That's what you get for driving a ford!