Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DarthDoyle Plays with Fire, Cautiously

Since DarthDoyle (notorious proponent of killing babies) now has a more compliant Legislature, he's beginning to drool, although he's managed to contain his exuberance for the record.

It's possible that he realizes his re-election was not a "mandate;" Gay "Marriage" is emphatically "out," and the Death Penalty is emphatically "in." The Democrat Party gained control of only one part of the Legislature.

Not exactly a Left-o paradise.

But he's taking all the tent-space he can get his nose into without being obvious about it, using stalking-horses or reliable stooges.

  • DOT wants a lot more money and proposes confiscatory new "fees." Doyle splits the baby in half (that's second nature to him, anyway.)

  • A "health commission" decides that "health" is a $200MM increase in tax revenues; Darth demurs, sorta, kinda, maybe, but not really.

  • A Statist who thinks the Politburo's modus operandi is fine and dandy proposes a State takeover of the public schools under the guise of "sales tax increase." Darth doesn't have a position.

  • Darth himself gets cornered and toys with "civil unions," knowing full well that those arrangements are not going to be Constitutional.

You don't have to be particularly cynical (or even particularly sentient) to understand that Darth's playing both ends to the middle. It will be interesting to see how these ideas play out in the real world.

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