Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Run, Rudolph, Run!!

Some folks in Elm Grove prefer surgical sterility:

The village should reverse its decision to allow sharpshooting of deer and become the first Wisconsin community to attempt surgical or chemical deer sterilization, a group of residents is proposing.

Just grab Bambi, put him in the ambulance, and take him over to Froedtert, eh? That way, Bambi's shooting blanks instead of having sharpshooters shoot lead!

Neil Palmer is not impressed.

"Personally, as someone who is a Wisconsin native and hunted deer and lived with deer in both rural and urban environments, I couldn't see myself as a Village Board member supporting paying for the surgical sterilization of virtually any animal that has become a pest issue," Palmer said. "That being said, if someone else wants to pay for it, that's fine. I don't think village residents would want to."

It's really all Brookfield's fault.

A deer count last winter found 30 deer in Elm Grove, up from 17 in 2005. Three hundred eighty-six deer were found in Brookfield.

They should put up a fence across North Avenue, instead.

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