Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why Elect HRC President?

Dennis Miller offers the reason:

Let's see, maybe it's time for a Democratic president. Stay with me. Because the next step in the inevitable escalation in this war with radical Islam is going to involve us being appreciably more brutal and ruthless than we have been to date. And I think the left's cronyism with the mainstream media will provide cover for someone on that side of things to up the ante.

Miller's not the only person who knows that the Left is congenitally more brutal and ruthless than the Right--but he's the only one who stumps for a Dimowit President based on a 'need for brutality' in the WOT.

HT: NewsBusters


Anonymous said...

That old nabob about cronyism and coziness with the mass media is plain silliness. Talk radio and Faux News have gone farther in producing biased news in a far shorter time than one could ever have imagined the mass media doing.

Dennis Miller is a loser. He is what he is now because he blames the media for his failed SNF stint.

Dad29 said...

OS, I expect a lot more independent thought from you than what you show here.

It's perfectly clear that the Left's agenda is magnified (and assiduously praised) by the MSM, with only a few exceptions. In fact, one could argue that the MSM's lefties actually lead the parade, with the Lefty politicos following meekly...

And ad hominems are not a method of argumentation.