Saturday, December 30, 2006

How to Prevent Bank Robbery

Another example of how DarthDoyle's mindless and stubborn position is not helpful. This from a Virginia man via Grim: (Virginia allows open- AND concealed-carry.)

On Tuesday the 26th of December I went down to the Sun Trust bank in Hopewell to complete some financial transactions. I got there just as they were opening and entered with a woman who had been waiting outside. There were three tellers in position to the left, one customer service associate at a desk to the right, and the manager was seated in his office to the rear right, so there were seven of us in the bank.

I have been banking there for years and know the tellers fairly well, who are quite used to me walking in with my holstered 1911 government model .45 and two reserve magazines. As I was transacting business with my teller, a man came in through the front door on this warm December morning wearing a full ski mask, with only his eyes showing. He was wringing his hands and glanced furtively toward the office and then swept his eyes across the room, finally towards me and the tellers. At that, he turned and BOLTED back out the door!

The teller next to my position was the first to recognize the implications of what had just happened, and yelled for the manager who came rushing out from his office. He glanced toward me before sticking his head out the front door, looking both ways down the sidewalk, and pronouncing that the suspicious character had apparently left the area.

The same teller then expressed her relief that I had been there, and mentioned that the next SunTrust down on Route 10 (Iron Bridge Road) had just been robbed the week before.

This incident was not reported to the police; thus it will not be among the statistics which demonstrate that the mere presence of defensive weapons carried by law-abiding citizens DOES have a positive impact.


Anonymous said...

I recently attended a seminar by LTC (ret) Dave Grossman and one of the tihings we discussed durign a break was the concept of deterrence.

First, well done on the success of yoour encounter, second, I am always happy to hear soemone else understands the beauty of the M1911A1.

Anonymous said...

thank you sir for being there wish you were there when i was at a bank here when it was robbed by a man welding a fire arm