Tuesday, December 26, 2006

BIG Holes in Visa Program; Bush Blows It Again

Some days one can only wonder whether these people are as useless as they seem:

...on Dec. 14, the Government Accountability Office lowered the boom on the Bush administration by releasing a report stating that the government has given up on plans to implement a system to track the entry and exit of foreign visitors.

Congress ordered the creation of an entry-exit system called US-VISIT (excluding Canadians and Mexicans) back in 1996, and the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, made this system imperative.

Some of the Sept. 11 hijackers entered the United States legally on visas but never departed when their visas expired. It's now 2006, and we are told that an entry-exit system doesn't exist and the government has abandoned plans to create it.

The government had $1.7 billion to develop this program, but now tells us that is not nearly enough money, so all plans are being scrapped. There's no such thing as border security without an entry-exit system because at least 30 percent of illegal immigrants in the United States entered the country as legal visitors and then disappeared into our population.

Student visas, many of which are given to Third World applicants, are a major source of fraud. We know that Sept. 11 Pentagon pilot Hani Hanjour came in on a student visa. About 1 million foreign students are in the U.S. at any given time.

Gee. I never heard about this from the usual gang of BushBots!

Tracking people who come into the United States and requiring them to leave when their visas expire is an essential component of national security. Failure to implement such a system means our government doesn't care about protecting our borders.

No kidding.

President Bush, get your ass in gear here. We can smell the game-playing, and it doesn't smell very good at all.


Billiam said...

it would interfere with his plans for the North American Union. Don't expect to see any serious border controls from either party in the future.

Dad29 said...

One doesn't have to be crazy to be a conspiracy theorist.

The best way to ensure Perpetual War (and thus, a large standing Army) is to have a few "incidents" domestically.