Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guns Cause Crime, Right?

Sorry, I can't copy the chart and paste it here--but here's the interesting part.

SOUTH DAKOTA has the highest percentage of population with a Concealed Carry permit at 7.4%. It also has a very low crime rate--175.7/100K population--and murder rate--2.3/100K.

WISCONSIN does not allow Concealed Carry.

Violent crime rate in Wisconsin? 241.5/100K. Murder rate? 3.5/100K.

(scritch, scratch, scritch...)

So the heavily-armed South Dakota violent crime rate is 27% LESS than Wisconsin's. And the South Dakota murder rate is 35% LESS than Wisconsin's.

No crisis, there.

By the way, New York, Mass., and California rates are also higher than SD's. NYState has a very limited Concealed-Carry privilege (it helps to be rich and famous.) Massachusetts, of course, has Ted Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

There are some ethnic and cultural differences between SD and WI as well, which may contribute to the difference.

And we won't even scratch the topic of race and firearm posession, both legal and illegal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dad;

Tell me again about statistics and liars.

Please knock off the scratching. It is embarrassing Mother and me.


Dad29 said...

Obviously, JP, you are not a connoisseur of the very finest comic strip ever created, "Calvin & Hobbes."

As to lying--please. All I did was divide the numbers as presented, and present the others as reported.

That's not manipulation...