Saturday, January 18, 2020

Yes, There WERE Iraqi WMD's

The AOSHQ mentions this story.

American troops found nearly 5,000 abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2011, but their discoveries were kept secret by the U.S. government,...

On at least six occasions, American troops and American-trained Iraqi troops were wounded by the abandoned munitions, but news of the encounters was neither shared publicly nor widely circulated among the troops, the victims told the Times. Others said they were told to be vague or deceptive about what they found.

"'Nothing of significance’ is what I was ordered to say,” Jarrod Lampier, a retired Army major, said of the 2006 discovery of 2,400 nerve-agent rockets at a former Republican Guard compound, the largest chemical weapons discovery of the war....
The Ace blogger speculates that the Bush Administration was, perhaps, the dumbest bunch of clucks ever to occupy Washington. 


Remember that GWBush, like his Daddy and Mommy, were Certified Members of the Deep State.  So the speculation should be on this question:  why did the Deep State want this kept secret?


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